All your online & offline storefronts on one unified platform.

Introducing the most efficient way to sell globally.

  • Centralized Data Hub

    Manage your products, customers, and orders across 100+ sales channels worldwide on 1 platform.

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  • Global View in Real-time

    Get complete, real-time data of your brand’s performance across all sales channels, globally.

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  • Total Control Over Your Data

    Full control & ownership over your brand’s key customer, order, and product data. Spanning the entire shopping experience; enabling you to build a direct relationship with your online and offline shoppers.

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Elliot - Unified Commerce

Centralized Operations

Simplified workflows for global teams.

Connect 100s of sales channels worldwide and manage them all from one place. Significantly improve your team’s productivity through modern, automated workflows.
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Elliot - Unified Commerce

Centralized Data & Analytics

A single source of truth for easy, accurate reporting

Get a complete view of your brand’s performance across all digital and physical stores globally.
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Elliot - Unified Commerce

Profit Optimization

Maximize your bottom line.

Leverage Elliot’s business intelligent tools like automatic inventory balancing and dynamic re-pricing to maximize profitability across key parts of your business.
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Elliot - Unified Commerce

Market Expansion & Localization

Expand globally. Win locally.

Enter new markets quickly & easily by accessing the world’s top marketplaces instantly. Localize every part of your shopper’s experience using over 160 currencies & 150 languages.

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  • “Elliot helps retailers navigate and solve for shifts in the global marketplace to help brands, regardless of size, reach their full market potential.”
    Charlie Cole
    Chief Digital Officer, TUMI
  • “Elliot's technology brings down barriers to cross-border commerce, enabling brands to reach billions of consumers outside their home markets.”
    Ryan Petersen
    Chief Executive Officer, Flexport

Total visibility & ownership over your brand’s data.

100+ channels & touch-points worldwide on 1 platform.

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From SMBs to multi-million dollar enterprises, this guide will walk you through the strategies to know which markets you can win.