All your channels & systems. Seamlessly connected & in-sync.

Removing technology roadblocks, friction between software connections & data siloing.

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Elliot - Unified Commerce


Stitch together all of your sales channels and supporting systems.

Elliot - Unified Commerce

Data Warehouse

Storage and on-demand propagation of data whenever you need it.

Elliot - Integrations API and Commerce Data Hub
  • Future Proof Your Technology

    Enable innovation by maintaining a cutting-edge stack and swapping out aging technology without disruption or changes to your current system architecture.

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  • Save on Resources

    Choose the connections that work best for your organization to get ahead rather than start from scratch to save on time, money, and talent.

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  • Dodge Technical Debt

    Bridge old technology stacks to new ones. Move from on-prem to the cloud. Take steps incrementally or all at once to avoid starting over.

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  • Built for Flexibility

    API-first tools are built with a pluggable architecture that favors micro-services so you can build custom, best-of-breed integrations tailored to your business needs.

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How it Works
Sales Channels
Connect data from all of your online and offline storefronts, both B2B and B2C.
Supporting Systems
Streamline integrations and share data seamlessly across your entire backend systems.
  • “Elliot helps retailers navigate and solve for shifts in the global marketplace to help brands, regardless of size, reach their full market potential.”
    Charlie Cole
    Chief Digital Officer, TUMI
  • “Elliot's technology brings down barriers to cross-border commerce, enabling brands to reach billions of consumers outside their home markets.”
    Ryan Petersen
    Chief Executive Officer, Flexport
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February 8, 2018

Elliot chats with Crocs & Harman/Samsung at 2018 Global Ecommerce Leadership Forum