Sell more products. Make more money.

Access billions of new shoppers on 6 continents, in less than 5 minutes.

Elliot - Global Commerce Simplified
Elliot - Unified Commerce


Adaptive insights on product profitability, market opportunities, and competitors. Compare and optimize Products, Orders, and Customers by channel or across all channels.

Elliot - Unified Commerce


Manage all channels in realtime from one centralized location. Distribution into 90+ global connections into digital and physical channels with one click. Dynamically updated and segmented, products, orders, currencies, taxes, and languages.

Elliot - Unified Commerce


Actionable insights and contextual data for each Customer and Product, globally. Dynamic inventory and price optimization out of the box. Maximize profit with automatic inventory reallocation between markets.

Elliot - Unified Commerce


Ensure messaging is clear and resonates locally, regardless of market. Translate into over 100 languages with human-assisted Machine Learning. Optimize for local holidays and buying patterns with Elliot’s white glove deployment service.

Easy Integration

Easy setup for stores on the leading eCommerce platforms.

Elliot - BigCommerce Integration
Elliot - Magento Integration
Elliot - Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

“Elliot connected in less than 5 minutes to our eCommerce platform and enabled our brand to tap into markets we never thought possible.”

Brittany O’Steen, CEO at Faux Freckles

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