Manage 90+ channels from one central location.

Over 91% of Global Brands need a Unified Commerce platform, we’ve got them covered.

Elliot - Connecting People and Product - Omnipresent Software for Merchants

Manage your brand on multiple channels

With 100+ currencies, languages, and 3rd party software partners supported globally. Creating great customer experiences across multiple websites, marketplaces, and product feeds with ease.

Centralized Product Management

Manage your catalog on 90+ channels from one central location. From content, inventory, media, and pricing, Elliot is the best omnichannel solution for global brands.

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Country Specific Translations

Elliot does not just simply connect you into a market. With Tone, Elliot supports 100+ languages and dialects, ensuring that your brand, and messaging, are never lost in translation.

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Currencies and Pricing

Elliot provides real-time currency conversions and optimized pricing globally, and by channel. With over 100+ currencies supported, selling globally has never been easier.

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Sell Your Products Everywhere

Manage your products on 90+ of the leading channels worldwide in real-time and from Day 1 in Elliot.

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