Sell More, Make More with Elliot + Shopify Plus

Elliot connects Shopify Plus merchants to billions of new shoppers on over 100 of the world’s leading sales channels across 6 continents; right out-of-the-box.

Elliot Enables Shopify Plus Merchants To
Elliot - Unified Commerce

Centralize Analytics & Data

Single source of truth for easy, accurate reporting. Get complete views of your brand’s performance across all sale channels, globally.

Elliot - Unified Commerce

Centralize Operations

Simplified workflow & streamlined operations. Connect & manage 100+ channels; improving productivity with automated workflows.

Elliot - Unified Commerce

Optimize Profitability

Maximize your bottom line. Use business intelligence tools to maximize profits across all parts of the value chain.

Elliot - Unified Commerce

Simplify Localization

Expand globally. Win locally. Enter new markets quickly & easily, and localize every part of the shopping experience.

Elliot connects people and products, instantly from every corner of the globe. Centralizing key data from every sales channel; creating smarter, more efficient and profitable retailers. From thread to doorstep.

Shopify Merchants Trust Elliot
Elliot - Global Commerce Simplified.
Elliot - Global Commerce Simplified.
Elliot - Global Commerce Simplified.
  • “Elliot helps retailers navigate and solve for shifts in the global marketplace to help brands, regardless of size, reach their full market potential.”
    Charlie Cole
    Chief Digital Officer, TUMI
  • “Elliot's technology brings down barriers to cross-border commerce, enabling brands to reach billions of consumers outside their home markets.”
    Ryan Petersen
    Chief Executive Officer, Flexport

Providing Shopify Plus merchants total visibility & ownership over your brand’s data.

100+ channels & touch-points worldwide on 1 platform.

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